Tie The Knot In Sin City

Have you ever wondered why there are so many weddings in Las Vegas? What makes the idea of tying the knot in "Sin City" so attractive? What is it about Vegas that attracts marrying couples like moths to a flame? Here are a few of the reasons why weddings in Las Vegas are such a recognizable and popular feature of the exciting city.

First, there are legal reasons for many people to love the idea of getting married in Las Vegas. Unlike some places, there are no residency requirements for a wedding license. A would-be husband and groom can also skip taking a blood test or undergoing any kind of mandatory waiting period. The city offices have a whole separate division designed just to hand out licenses for weddings in Las Vegas-and that office keeps hours more like a convenience store than a government building.

Second, there is the wedding "infrastructure" that's grown up in Vegas. People originally flocked to the city primarily because of the aforementioned legal issues. As more and more people decided to have weddings in Las Vegas, a series of businesses and services grew up to support them. Vegas is home to more bridal shops than you can imagine. Wedding chapels are a regular feature of the city's commercial landscape-and they are equipped to handle marriages of any kind imaginable. Las Vegas is a great place to marry because the city has grown to be designed for that very function.

Third, Vegas itself is hard to resist. Can you think of a better place for a honeymoon? Las Vegas offers an awesome array of things to do and has great activities to suit any interest. Why not get married in Las Vegas? You can, after all, walk right away from the altar into one of the most exciting and fun cities in the country. Weddings in Las Vegas are popular, in large measure, because Las Vegas is so much fun. It's a great way to roll the ceremony and the honeymoon all into one awesome package and it makes the special event a great deal of fun for anyone else who might want to attend, too.

People get married in Las Vegas frequently and they do it for some pretty strong reasons. The legal requirements for a marriage in Vegas are set so low that it makes the whole process very easy, efficient and attractive. Not everyone has the dream of a Vegas wedding, but those who do usually find that fantasy rooted in justifications like the ones outlined here. "Sin City" is the marriage capital of the world and there's no reason to believe that it will lose that status any time soon!