Las Vegas Transportation Options

Unless you're traveling to some of the outlying areas, you may not want to mess with renting a car in Las Vegas. If you're staying on or around the strip, you'll need nerves of steel to navigate even a short distance but if you don't mind the endless traffic, there are plenty of rental car agencies available. There are, however, other options should you decide you don't want to do the driving.

Take the Deuce

The Deuce is a double-decker, climate controlled bus that goes up and down the Las Vegas strip until about 2 am. You can buy a one day pass or a pass that is good for several days. It's far cheaper than taking a taxi every time you want to switch casinos but it isn't as fast. Still, it's air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter and beats walking. In addition, the view from the top level of the bus is incredible at night, with millions of lights sparkling in the Vegas sky.


Taxis are in plentiful supply at all the strip hotels and of course, from the airport as well. Not only can you get from the airport to almost any strip hotel for about ten bucks, it'll cost about $10 or less to switch from one casino to another as well. While it's not a bad rate if you only take a taxi once or twice, it can really add up if you use them for very many rides. In addition, if you're going to a show or somewhere else off the strip, the taxi ride can get hefty in a hurry.


The monorail is a train that goes between some of the hotels and it is a fun way to travel as well. Everyone should ride the monorail at least once but if you're traveling very much, you'll find that the Deuce is cheaper. You'll also find hundreds of people walking along the strip at any given time and if you're visiting Las Vegas when the weather isn't too hot or too cold, you'll find it fun to meander along the strip as well. The time of year that you come may have a lot to do with the transportation options you choose. Also, if you're taking public transportation to a show or an event, plan well ahead of time as the taxi lines can be really long during certain times of the year or when it is time for a popular show. That also means that the bus and other forms of transportation are fuller too so planning ahead is key.

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