Las Vegas National Parks

<i>&nbsp;</i>When you think about Las Vegas vacations, what crosses your mind? If you're like most people, you immediately start thinking about casino action, awesome shows, great food and luxury resorts. That's only part of a bigger and even more beautiful picture, though. Las Vegas and its surrounding area are also the home of some amazing national parks.Those who are planning Las Vegas vacations should really consider integrating park trips into their itinerary. There are many awesome options that will give you the chance to add a memorable outdoor component to your trip. Let's look at a handful of the many parks you can visit.

<b>Death Valley National Monument</b>

A great place to get hot! This desert park is located at the lowest dry sub-sea level point in the United States of America. They don't call it "Death Valley" for nothing, either. If you want to experience the desert in full force, this history-rich area is worth the two hour drive from Vegas.

<b>Floyd Lamb Park</b>

About ten miles away from the city and it offers healthy doses of natural beauty and history. The park was a Native American winter resting point and a working ranch. Back in the 50s, it was one of the infamous Las Vegas "guest ranches". Estranged couples would stay there for six weeks, which allowed them to meet the Nevada residency standards required to get a Las Vegas divorce. It's great for walking, biking and picnics. You can even fish the park's four lakes. When you think about Las Vegas vacations, fishing may not usually cross your mind-unless you know about Floyd Lamb Park.

<b>Kyle Ranch</b>

Not much of a ranch these days and it isn't a traditional park. It is, however, considered part of the national park system and it's a great slice of history located within Vegas city limits. All that's left of what was once a bustling ranch is a single building-which just so happens to be the oldest remaining building in Vegas. It's neat to find that kind of history in such an ultra-modern environment.

<b>Red Rock Canyon</b>

A massive park, covering nearly 200,000 acres and its within a quick drive of Las Vegas. It boasts a great gift shop and a variety of recreational options including bicycling, climbing and hiking. There's a scenic drive that allows you to get some amazing views of the Las Vegas Valley and the Spring Mountains.

There's nothing wrong with Las Vegas vacations that revolve around the roulette wheel and A-list shows. By the same token, though, you can organize a slightly more well-rounded vacation by taking advantage of some of the areas great national parks.