Las Vegas Dining

Las Vegas Dining

Sure, people do take Las Vegas vacations wherein fine dining consists of a cheap casino hot dog and a seemingly never-ending series of free frozen drinks on the casino floor. It doesn't have to be that way, though. Fine dining options in Las Vegas abound.

When people think of eating during Las Vegas Vacations, their thoughts often turn to the "old reliable" notion of a casino-sponsored buffet. Most of the resorts, casinos and hotels in Vegas offer one or more buffets and many of them offer high-quality far Although the idea of a casino buffet is often associated with the old days of gut-busting bargain chow in some minds, things have changed in Vegas. Competition for dinner dollars is serious and the buffets of today offer an amazing assortment of options, utilizing quality chefs and top-shelf ingredients. If you're thinking about cruddy all-you-can-eat-for-five-bucks affairs, think again.

One reason for the upgrade in casino buffet food is the fact that so many recognizable names from the gourmet world have planted flags in Las Vegas. Those who go on Las Vegas vacations today can take their pick of scores of restaurants associated with some of the most famed and talented chefs in the world.

Alaine Ducasse owns Mix. Bobby Flay serves up his southwestern-inspired delicacies at Mesa Grill. Andre Rochat provides an unrivaled French dining experience at Andre's. Emeril Lagasse, the famous TV chef, delights taste buds at Delmonico's. You can probably find a three-dollar breakfast somewhere downtown, but you can also spend a few hundred dollars for foie gras in a ginger pineapple reduction at Renoir, if you're so inclined.

Las Vegas has become a serious vacation destination, attracting very serious travelers. The city's entertainment and dining community has recognized that any old food just want do these days. People expect more. Vegas delivers. All of the larger hotels boast high-quality restaurants for those who want something a step above the already-great buffet food.

It's no wonder that there are so many great dining options in Sin City these days. Who could even imagine staying at some of the posh, five-star hotels that dot the strip while dining on dull, tasteless food? It just wouldn't make sense. That's why Las Vegas serves up the good stuff these days.

The city and its food have matured as more and more people insist on Las Vegas vacations that meet a high overall quality standard. The "cheap steak" Vegas of thirty years ago. It's been replaced by dining experiences that will put a smile on the face of even the most discriminating gourmet.