Josef Quinceanera Doll Signifies a Purposeful Day

A Quinceanera is usually commemorated by ladies that are of Hispanic heritage at the age of 15. A rite of passage, the Quinceanera celebrates the girl turning into a woman. Not so diverse from a Sweet 16 celebration, the Quinceanera is commemorated by girls of Hispanic backgrounds on their 15th birthday. The celebration often consists of dining and dancing and also God, family, as well as buddies are celebrated.

The Quinceanera is usually prepared several weeks beforehand, similar to a marriage. There are dresses being ordered, invitations beingmailed, and food and flowers being ordered. It is a pretty unique moment in a teen girl's life and also a moment that'll be reflected on frequently. This is certainly one birthday celebration when a mediocre present just simply will not do; rather, gift the celebrant with a thing truly special that can indicate the occasion.

Josef Originals has created the Quinceanera Doll to mark this special event. Standing seven inches high, the doll dons an attractive tone of mauve and holds a present in her hand. The bottom part of her gown has the number fifteen. The most well-liked dolls from the collection, the Quinceanera Doll carries a special significance and will also be a cherished keepsake always.

14 female relatives and friends are traditionally gathering for the special event. Additionally, fourteen males escort the female attendants. One special male ushers the girl being commemorated. A mass is usually performed during the standard Quinceanera. Then the party goes on with photographs, food, and also dancing. There's a special dance, a vals, that the attendants, escorts, the special male escort, as well as the celebrant all be a part of. Gifting the birthday girl with the Quinceanera Doll will help brand her big day in a very special way.