Guide to Las Vegas Comps

It used to be that if someone were offered a free room on the strip, you knew they were spending serious money at the casinos but that is no longer the case. You don't have to be a high roller to enjoy your share of Vegas comps. Even if you just play enough to earn a free buffet, it is well worth it to join the Player's Club everywhere you play. If you've been to Vegas before and already have your favorites, try to stay where you play because then you have the chance to get your room comped by earning points on your player's card.

You earn points whether you win or lose and every point counts toward eventual rewards so it is to your advantage to sign up for a player's card. Even if you think you won't be back to Las Vegas for some time, you might earn enough points this trip to pay for one night's lodging or a free buffet.

Check Out the Properties

Most people like to visit as many casinos as possible on their trip to Las Vegas but if you do a little research first, it may be more profitable for you in the way of comps. For example, the same company that owns the MGM Grand also owns the Bellagio, New York, New York, Mandalay Bay, and others. By playing at the properties that are owned by the same group, your player's card points will add up faster than if you play at properties that are owned by different groups. If Caesar's Palace is your favorite casino, look to see which other properties are owned by the same company so your points will add up enough to turn in for comps.

MGM Mirage Player's Club

At the MGM Mirage Player's Club, which encompasses 12 partner casinos, you can earn points all year long and save them up for the holiday extravaganza. Each year, during the latter part of November and first part of December, they host a holiday gift shop where special gifts are on display. You can redeem all of the player's club points you have saved all year long for fabulous gifts that are then mailed to your home. You can also turn in your points for free play that you'll receive immediately. Several times throughout the year they have special promotions where you'll earn double or triple points so if you can make it to Las Vegas during one of those times, your points can really add up. The only downside to the whole program is that if you don't spend your points by the end of the current year, they will expire and you'll have to start all over the following year.

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