Give Josef Dolls for any Special Birthday

Giving a Josef Doll for a special birthday or building up or evencontinuing a set of Josef Dolls for your child or grandchild makes a fantastic birthday present. You can also have the special dolls each year as much as age 21. This way, when your son or daughter is grown, she will have an amazing collection. What's more, you'll also have an integrated birthday present and your child can anticipate the next Josef Doll. Your kids will treasure these dolls throughout her lifetime. Inspired from the originals produced by Murial George Joseph, each of the Josef Dolls is a loved memento eternally.

The first doll in the Josef Series, the new Baby Doll is 3 inches tall and decked out in pink. She features a rattle and the words New Baby throughout her attire.

Ideal for a first birthday celebration, usually the one Year Doll stands 3 inches and is dressed in blue. She's holding the number 1.

Slightly over 3 inches tall, the Two Year Doll sports a gold hair bow and holds onto a stuffed animal. Decked out in coral, she is a beauty to behold.

At three and a half inches, the Three Year Doll is dressed in yellow and has a gold trimmed basket.

Beautifully-designed, the Four Year Doll is three and a half inches tall. Donning a dress of lavender, she carries a sprinkling can.

Nearly 4 inches tall, the Five Year Doll comes with an ABC book and dons a pleasant yellow-colored dress.

At four inches tall, the Six Year Doll sports a dress of pale pink and holds a birthday cake.

Standing 4 inches tall, the Seven Year Doll wears a garment of chartreuse and keeps her very own baby doll.

mug up in a golden yellow dress, the Eight Year Doll is four and a half inches high. She also has a sunbonnet attached to her outfit.

A full 5 inches tall, the Nine Year Doll appears like a little princess in her royal blue gown. She holds a magic wand and wears a gold crown.

With five inches high, the Ten Year Doll sports a pink apparel and brooches a golden book.

Nearly 6 inches high, the Eleven Year Doll wears a gown of deep mauve set off having a golden bow. She holds embelleshment as well as an embroidery needle.

Almost 6 inches high, the Twelve Year Doll is pretty in pink for she looks about herself in a hand mirror.

A full six inches high, the Thirteen Year Doll is then a youngster. Dressed in yellow, she is busy conversing over the phone.

Standing 6 inches high, the Fourteen Year Doll wears a mauve dress and holds a parasol.

Standing 6 inches high, the Fifteen Year Doll wears a dress of mild pink and carries a wrapped present.

Standing a full 6 inches high, the Sixteen Year Doll has a bouquet of flowers and wears aqua.

Standing six and a half inches tall, the Seventeen Year Doll is dressed in orange-yellow and holds a stringed musical instrument.

Standing six and a half inches tall, the Eighteen Year Doll wears a soft eco-friendly garment and holds a winnow.

Standing six and a half inches tall, the Nineteen Year Doll wears gentle pink and holds a bird.

At six and a half inches high, the Twenty Year Doll wears a light blue dress and holds a basket.

The final doll in the Birthday Dolls Series , the Twenty-One Year Doll is mug out lavender. Nearly seven inches tall, she carries a gift in her own hand.