Free things to do in Las Vegas

By combining sightseeing and taking advantage of many of the free things to see and do that Las Vegas has to offer, you can really stretch your vacation budget. Just walking along the strip, you'll find a plethora of excitement that won't cost you a dime. Can't miss sights like the Bellagio Fountains and the volcano at the Mirage will not only kill some time, but they are truly breathtaking sights to see and hear. Erupting nightly from dusk to midnight, the famous volcano at the Mirage draws crowds that can actually get close enough to feel the heat from the volcano. The Fountains at the Bellagio are just as spectacular, perfectly choreographed to music, this water show is not to be missed.

Freebies at the MGM Grand

The MGM Grand offers the Lion Habitat, which is fun for all ages. Just look up and you'll be able to see the huge cats groom themselves, play, and eat. There's also a store right next to the habitat where you can buy lion themed items. Kids and adults alike will love watching the cats and there's only a thin slab of glass that separates you from them. While you're at the MGM, consider watching and rating new television shows at the research center, which is located by the pool. New shows from several networks are previewed in order to gauge audience reaction and some participants are chosen for longer focus groups, some of which are paid. Some people are even lucky enough to watch a new movie and get paid for their time and opinions.

Free Thunderstorm

You've never paid for a thunderstorm before, so why start now? Experience a computer generated one at the Miracle Mile Shopping Mall, which is attached to the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino. Hear the thunder roll while the lightning strikes and the rain beats down.

Also, be sure and visit M&M's World and the Coca-Cola, shop, both of which are on the strip and offer the kind of themed merchandise that you don't often see. M&M's World has about 26 different colors of M&M's and you can even special order them with sayings or someone's face on the tiny chocolate candies. Even if you don't buy anything though, these two venues are fun to just walk around in.

Circus Circus

Whether or not you have kids in your party, you won't want to miss the free circus acts at the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino. The show only lasts about 10 minutes but the shows start every half hour between 11 am and midnight. Limited seating is available so arrive early if you want to sit while you watch the trapeze artists, jugglers, and clowns, but if you don't mind standing, there is plenty of room for that as well.

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