Eat Well for Less in Las Vegas

There was a time that Las Vegas was famous for its cheap, but fine food, but those days are long gone. While fabulous casino buffets used to be dirt cheap, these days, they are one of the most expensive dining options you can choose. Unless, of course, you're lucky enough to procure a "two for one" buffet coupon, which you can probably find in one of the many coupon books that are yours for the asking upon arrival in Las Vegas. This is not always the case, though, especially for the casino buffets along the strip. You should, however, look for the free coupon opportunities as you can save a lot of money and still eat well. Don't fall for offers you'll see on the Internet advertising coupons for sale because you can find the same coupons for free as soon as you hit town.

In addition, spend a little time searching online for unadvertised specials. You can benefit from the experiences of other travelers by visiting message boards and forums. For example, one particular unadvertised special has been going on for years, yet you won't find it on the menu and your waiter won't tell you about it. It is the $6.99 steak special at Ellis Island Hotel and Casino. For less than $7 you'll get a good size steak, vegetables, and bread. You'll find this little gem behind Bally's Hotel and Casino and the steak special is good every day.

You'll also find steak specials and other good eats that are good for certain hours of the day, some after midnight so do pay attention to when the deal is good. You'll also find a plethora of coupons for BOGO offers all around Las Vegas. Remember, too, that you'll get free drinks as long as you're playing on any of the casino floors, but be careful; you don't want to get sloshed while you're gambling or you could lose the farm in a hurry!

Gambler's Special

This is another deal that you'll have to ask for but it is well worth it and it is available 24/7 at the Hard Rock Hotel. You'll get a steak and shrimp dinner for $7.77 but remember to ask your server because it isn't on the menu. There are also several breakfast specials that you'll find off strip. An Internet search for Las Vegas dining deals will bring up more food than you can eat in a week at super discounts. Most of the really great dining specials are off the strip, though, but even some of those are in walking distance, depending on where you are staying. The bottom line is if you look for specials, you can eat well in Las Vegas and spend much less than you would otherwise.