Conquer Competition

<i>Lots of people know about AI (Artificial Intelligence), but may not know that CI is Competitive Intelligence; this is something vital for a business to succeed. With this package, Cashmap can help you in setting up a CI system, collect information, process it, send it out to the people who need to see it, and then use it to make your firm better, more productive, and more profitable.</i>

A key step in any CI program is figuring out your marketplace. What is your target market, who are your competitors, and what are their strengths and weaknesses, and what are yours? Collecting all of this data, processing it, and determining how your firm should proceed is key.

When it comes to collecting data, you can find a plethora of information on the internet. With the Cashmap package, you can sift through all of this data, and find the items that are vital to help your business. There's also an old saying from some sort of military training that tells you to know your enemy as you know yourself, and you'll always be victorious. The Cashmap package helps you in gathering information about your competition, and then you can learn from them as to their market strategy. Are they focusing on a particular niche market? Are they ignoring a market that you can potentially exploit?

Once you've processed all of the data on your CI, you need to send out what you've learned to the key personnel who can make use of it and/or give feedback as to how to implement a new business plan that will improve your company's future outlook.

Another thing to be aware of is threats from your competitors. That may sound ominous, but your business may be vulnerable due to the fact that your competitors will be out there gathering the same information on your company as you're gathering on them. The Cashmap package can help in protecting your data.

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