A peek at Some of the Elusive Josef Originals

Completely new hobbyists of Josef Originals might not realize how far back the collection goes. The following highlights a number of the far more rare collectible figurines belonging to the Josef Originals collection. When you recognize their names, you might be better able to have an understanding of them:

Collectibles within the Early Years - Designed and manufactured betwee 1945 and 1962, these are definitely the very first pieces created by Muriel. This was during the time after World War II when she first started experimenting with ceramics.

Career Girls - Created by Muriel circa 1967, each one of the figurines symbolizes an occupation. You can find an actress, a florist, a debutante, and the likes in this collection.

Tilt Head Dolls of the Month - This series features one of the first collections produced by Muriel when she lived in California between 1945 and 1962. These figurines are really well-liked and can be hard to find.

Favored Sayings Series - Muriel Josef produced these special dolls around the 1950s and 1960s.

Little Commandments Set - Muriel designed 12 dolls for this collection in the 1970s. Each one comes with a tag that states a "commandment." For example, one such commandment reads, "Be Loving and Giving."

Little International Line - Includes 29 figurines in all, Muriel designed 18 in 1959. Over time, 11 more of the dolls were produced and added to the collection.

Big Sisters Little Sisters Collection - This line was created to emphasize the affection sisters display for one another.

Ecology Ladies Line - Just about the most famous series in the Josef Originals collection. Murielmade these wonderful figurines around 1974-1975. Enthusiasts face a headache locating these particular dolls because they are getting to be difficult to acquire.

Flower Girls Line - Produced by Muriel around 1975, each doll within this set wears a hat that is really a flower.

Happiness Is Series - Developed by Muriel throughout the 1960s, the girls and boys in this particular collection exhibit what contentment will mean to all of them. Unsurprisingly, it is among the preferred line in the Josef Originals collection.

Recipe Girls & Little Gourmets Collection - A beloved variety of dolls, this series was made by Muriel at some time in the 1960s. The fancy cuties are offering mouth watering delectables, for instance cakes, pies, and muffins. This is another series that is very hard to find.

Belle Collection - Every doll on this line, that Muriel created about 1960, is a bell. You will find a school bell, and the like. This series is a well known choice and can be difficult to obtain.

Little Pets Set - A really adorable line of dolls, this nearly impossible to find hit was developed by Muriel between 1960 and 1962. The dolls in this line are represented holding their most beloved household pets.

Days of the Week Set - Produced at the start of her vocation, Muriel created these dolls to show life as it transpires each day. There is a corresponding color for each day of the week.

You are an Angel Series - Produced by Muriel about 1960, this immensely well-known line of angels is beloved. The unique figurines are angels with wings that are tipped in gold.

Which Josef Originals Collectibles will you collect? You ought to discover and study about much more set before you decide. There are lots of different dolls in the Josef Originals collection, like the holiday collectible figurines, several types of pets, and beloved audio boxes.

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